Daily Coffee~

I am an 18 year old, liberal, gay, boy and unapologetic about any of this.  To some, my American Dream is already over.  However, for all my cynical sarcasm and scathing daily remarks on the norms and mores of society, one may be shocked to find that my version of the American dream does not differ that wildly from my straight, conservative, counterpart. 

Flash forward: It’s 2022, twenty years from now. I’m living with my husband (not partner, for it’s legal in the US by this time) and kids.  Perhaps I’m working at a non-profit, perhaps I’m an attorney, perhaps I’m working with youth in some fashion.  Whatever it is, I’m happy.

You may have noticed that descriptions of my home, kids, and husband are not included; they do not matter.  All that matters is that I am happy with them and because of them.  If you were to ask my social counterpart about their American Dream, they will tell you basically what I just told you: that details aside, happiness is what they are really striving for.

Happiness. That is the American Dream. Not white picket fences, not 2.4 kids, not a high-profile job.  Happiness. So there you have it, the American Dream.   

23 Aug 11 at 5 pm

Virginia Woolf,The Voyage Out. (via fuckyeahvirginiawoolf)

"The world is crammed with delightful things. I think young people make such a mistake about that — not letting themselves be happy. I sometimes think that happiness is the only thing that counts."